The Jamaican National Racquetball Federation

Jamaica National Racquetball Team began official international competition in 1996 and after four appearances at the World Championships, the team emerged as one of the top 15 teams in the world!
Meet the Team
!The Jamaicans are coming

To Dream The Possible Dream
The 1996 World Championships was held in Arizona in August and promised to highlight the best athletes from the around the world in the sport of Racquetball... however, they’ll have to adjust to the new kids in town. Jamaica has always been known for it’s excellence in sugar canes, vacation hot spots and it’s athletes.  And now, those fun loving, calypso dancing, hand clapping Caribbean based lifeforms are bringing a whole new dimension to this high speed game of strategy, strength and raw power.
When Team Jamaica debuted, it  featured players that were already experienced in sanctioned competitive racquetball tournaments.  The key players on this team had already accumulated significant experience in the art of winning.  In addition, Team organizer John F. Edwards placed all team members on a strict and rigid training program involving continuos reggae music, spicy jerk food, coconut juice and a consistent use of the response, “no problem mon.”               
Following on the heals of the Jamaican Bobsled Team, the team enjoyed coming into this sport as an underdog.
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